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Wel­come to Television & New Media Production!

 3 Year Advanced Diploma, School of Media, Arts and Design,  Loy­al­ist College - 

NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR SEPTEMBER 2015! Go to OntarioColleges.ca to apply.

Wel­come to Tele­vi­sion and New Media Pro­duc­tion at Loy­al­ist Col­lege! We’ re a unique three-year pro­gram that pre­pares stu­dents to meet the needs of the con­tent cre­ation field — dig­i­tal film, tele­vi­sion and new media.

State-of-the-art equip­ment, highly qual­i­fied and expe­ri­enced pro­fes­sors and small class sizes make our pro­gram one of the best in the coun­try. No mat­ter what aspect of video pro­duc­tion you’re inter­ested in, we help you achieve the skills needed to suc­ceed in this excit­ing, cre­ative and ever-evolving industry.